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Cherry Oh Baby!

I’m not the most punctual person in the world. Some of my friends would even say I’m not punctual at all, arriving a standard 5 – 15 mins too late to any appointment. It is a flaw I work very hard on to change but for some strange reason I haven’t managed to fix it. The reason for this is very simple: I always find something to do. Even though I am very aware that I have to leave in 5 mins I always, without fail, find myself cleaning something at the last minute or writing something down for later. Maybe it comes from a huge fear to forget something, who knows.

Today we are picking up a new closet down town, new meaning it’s second-hand but still in great condition. Ours is pretty much falling apart and I dread the reorganizing and folding of the clothes. But it has to be done. So for lunch today we needed something that picks you up physically and mentally. Hence the cream cakes with warm cherries.

The most easy pancakes in the world are created with 225 grams of all purpose flour, 200 mls milk, 100 mls of cream and 2 eggs. I can do this with my eyes closed. As for the cherries, I had a jar of cherries in the cupboard and it was the last one. I figured I would save them the loneliness of being in the cupboard all alone, and so they ended up in my saucepan with 2 big spoonfuls of icing sugar. They were divine to say the least. And made me horribly late for picking up the closet. It seems I can’t win this battle.


Pile of Projects

The birthday season has started for us, for some strange reason all of our friends and family were born in the months February to June. This means lots of projects on the way, both in and out of the kitchen. Even though I like shopping for presents and make it a point to not give anything boring I also like to make something, be it a cake or something else, to add to the purchased gift. This also means that I will be doing much more nails then expected, aside from the orders there is a little rasta project for a good friend of my husband and cupcakes for a new friend in our circle. I thrive on days like these, when I am preoccupied with only fun things. It’s so easy to find joy in something beautiful and I hope the recipients will be pleased. I sure was when I was making it.

Early Pavlova

My best friend once said: If a country existed where desserts where the primary food you would probably rule that country. And this is very true. Quite often I find the ‘rules’ regarding what is considered breakfast, lunch and dinner a bit too.. tight? I’m no stranger to eating something for lunch that would fit better in a dinner. Or switch my decent breakfast with something more non-breakfast-y. Today is a day where I was more in the mood for the lovely Pavlova I made yesterday instead of my bread and omelette. I regret nothing.

I used the recipe from ( which by the way is a brilliant site! ) minus the circle drawing. It seems I’m more of squares kind of girl ^^

Normal Days

We have left Easter behind and with that said goodbye to another few days of good food and quality time with family. I spent Thursday and Friday pretty much in the kitchen, my little but crowded domain on days like these. And after brunch yesterday we went home with a satisfied yet slightly stuffed feeling. Rest was needed and the food for today would be rich in flavor but light in every other aspect. We decided to go for a chicken salad for dinner, sweet, simple and just what we needed after the rich meals of the past few days. It’s never a challenge for me to figure out what to do on ‘simple’ days: as long as I have some fresh veggies in the house and some piece of lean meat I’m ready to go.

For this salad I chopped up some iceberg lettuce, a yellow bell pepper and a pair of thin spring onions. The chicken was coated in some breadcrumbs and an egg, grilled and sliced. And the dressing stayed in the light theme: just a tablespoon of non-fat mayo, dill, pepper, salt, and very finely chopped parsley. A squeeze of a half lime gave it an extra kick. Very enjoyable!

Delicious Good Friday

The busy week is finally over, weekend is here and we are preparing for Easter celebrations. With friends and family coming over for a late brunch I decided to add something deliciously sweet to have with our coffee and teas. A super easy Apricot Spongecake that honestly was a breeze to make, with a summery feel. We are in dire need of summery things at the moment, the weather insists on being gloomy and very anti-Spring.

The best part about this that you don’t have to stick to the apricots. If there are certain fresh fruits in season I use those as a layer instead of the jam. Keep in mind if you do this the fresh juices will be soaked up by the spongecake so it’s best to bake 2 cakes instead of cutting one in 2 halves like I did for this one. Below the recipe for cake and filling.

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Avengers Assemble

The weather is still extremely horrible, to say the least. We have a saying here: April rears it’s ugly head, and it’s very true. Tonight the temperature will drop below zero and I’m not liking it one bit! Nevertheless I managed to have an extremely productive day. Not only did I get birthday presents for my sister in law ready for next week, I decorated them too with some horrible glitter flowers that are sure to make her scowl at me for a good few minutes. I cannot wait to be very honest ^^  The afternoon was filled with packing layers and layers of polish on my new sets and I’m happy that they turned out the way they did. I still need to find some small and thin brushes, going to try to find those this weekend.

My superhero collection is almost complete ^^

New Beginnings

The shop is finally open and frankly, I’m very scared. It’s bad to have insecurities, especially about something so close to your heart. But at the same time I’m pleased I did it. Yes, it will be very busy but I like keeping myself occupied. There is nothing better than being able to express yourself and see your ideas come to life. New beginnings, exciting and terrifying!

Sticky Situations

If I am very honest I really love making a mess in the kitchen. I don’t go out of my way to smear stuff on the wall mind you, but I do get a feeling of  rebellion when everything is not so neat anymore because you have bowls and pots covered in chocolate sauce. The type of sticky situation I found myself in yesterday when I set out to make a sticky Honey & Chocolate Cake. This cake is lovingly dubbed  The Sweet Bomb by my friends and for a reason. It’s sticky, sweet and lush, a perfect mate for some light mint tea.


Below the recipe!

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