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Colorful Taxes

There is something really depressing about doing your tax returns. It’s like you are suddenly confronted with all the money you spent with a big pile of receipts and you realize what else you could have done with it if you only saved up some, or didn’t get lunch there, or avoided so much groceries. After finishing and making ( yet another ) commitment never to waste money ever again I decided to go out and spend some time with family and strong tea.  To cheer myself up I splurged on some colors in the makeup today and it turned out… okay. Sometimes pinks and purples make me feel better, and today was not that day. Perhaps I should do something silly with dinner tonight to make things better? 🙂


When in doubt, go online

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with makeup, today was one of those days. And when you have a blank mind I turn to my dear computer to find something nice.  Which almost always brings me to my gigantic folder of pictures I have assembled over the years and my best-friend-on-uninspired-days, Google.

I’m  a huge fan of Effie, her style is just so over the top and colorful that I’m almost obligated to like it. But it’s not certainly something that can be worn in our society yet ( or could it, maybe I should just try?). Case in point:

The makeup is pretty unusual but with a few tweaks it’s totally ‘wearable’ and even perfect for a day in spring as sunny as ours was. So I managed to tone it down without losing most of it’s unique vibe.

A shimmery yellow at the corner, green in the center and dark purple at the bottom lash line and the eccentric look turns into something cute and colorful without going into WTF-mode. It helped not to drag the colors all the way up to the brow also, I really doubt I would have been able to pull that off ^^.  I think she will be a great source of inspiration for me in the years to come.