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Funky Easter

Oh boy, we have a busy week up ahead! Not only do I have a good 30 eggs to prepare but I promised to manage some cakes for dinner and brunch. Yikes! The weather also did a full 180 on us with strong winds and lousy, lousy temperatures. Yuck! Bring back Spring please. To keep myself busy while one cake was baking I splashed on some colorful nail polishes to test out and decided to leave them there. I just love these colors so much and with the dots it’s like I’m wearing tiny Easter Eggs. Trying to find the fun in everything ^^


It’s a big, big day!


The weather is so pretty today that I spent my afternoon on the balcony making a set that hopefully would make Effie proud. Not even a headache could kill this mood ^^ Inspired by the nails in the Capitol Couture gif on their page. Totally gonna rock them this weekend!

Creative Bubbles!

With the upcoming premiere of The Hunger Games it is easy to get the creative juices flowing! The marketing team of The Capitol have done wonders so far in making Panem come alive. From the Capitol Guide to the Capitol Couture site, everything is set in place to bedazzle us with this extraordinary world.

Which brings us to the ultimate source for Capitol Couture, Effie Trinket. Her nails in the promo gif are absolutely stunning and I will be recreating them soon. How can you not when they are the perfect example of glamour in style. Below the style sheet I will be using for inspiration.