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Cherry Oh Baby!

I’m not the most punctual person in the world. Some of my friends would even say I’m not punctual at all, arriving a standard 5 – 15 mins too late to any appointment. It is a flaw I work very hard on to change but for some strange reason I haven’t managed to fix it. The reason for this is very simple: I always find something to do. Even though I am very aware that I have to leave in 5 mins I always, without fail, find myself cleaning something at the last minute or writing something down for later. Maybe it comes from a huge fear to forget something, who knows.

Today we are picking up a new closet down town, new meaning it’s second-hand but still in great condition. Ours is pretty much falling apart and I dread the reorganizing and folding of the clothes. But it has to be done. So for lunch today we needed something that picks you up physically and mentally. Hence the cream cakes with warm cherries.

The most easy pancakes in the world are created with 225 grams of all purpose flour, 200 mls milk, 100 mls of cream and 2 eggs. I can do this with my eyes closed. As for the cherries, I had a jar of cherries in the cupboard and it was the last one. I figured I would save them the loneliness of being in the cupboard all alone, and so they ended up in my saucepan with 2 big spoonfuls of icing sugar. They were divine to say the least. And made me horribly late for picking up the closet. It seems I can’t win this battle.