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Pile of Projects

The birthday season has started for us, for some strange reason all of our friends and family were born in the months February to June. This means lots of projects on the way, both in and out of the kitchen. Even though I like shopping for presents and make it a point to not give anything boring I also like to make something, be it a cake or something else, to add to the purchased gift. This also means that I will be doing much more nails then expected, aside from the orders there is a little rasta project for a good friend of my husband and cupcakes for a new friend in our circle. I thrive on days like these, when I am preoccupied with only fun things. It’s so easy to find joy in something beautiful and I hope the recipients will be pleased. I sure was when I was making it.


Avengers Assemble

The weather is still extremely horrible, to say the least. We have a saying here: April rears it’s ugly head, and it’s very true. Tonight the temperature will drop below zero and I’m not liking it one bit! Nevertheless I managed to have an extremely productive day. Not only did I get birthday presents for my sister in law ready for next week, I decorated them too with some horrible glitter flowers that are sure to make her scowl at me for a good few minutes. I cannot wait to be very honest ^^ ¬†The afternoon was filled with packing layers and layers of polish on my new sets and I’m happy that they turned out the way they did. I still need to find some small and thin brushes, going to try to find those this weekend.

My superhero collection is almost complete ^^

Funky Easter

Oh boy, we have a busy week up ahead! Not only do I have a good 30 eggs to prepare but I promised to manage some cakes for dinner and brunch. Yikes! The weather also did a full 180 on us with strong winds and lousy, lousy temperatures. Yuck! Bring back Spring please. To keep myself busy while one cake was baking I splashed on some colorful nail polishes to test out and decided to leave them there. I just love these colors so much and with the dots it’s like I’m wearing tiny Easter Eggs. Trying to find the fun in everything ^^

It’s a big, big day!


The weather is so pretty today that I spent my afternoon on the balcony making a set that hopefully would make Effie proud. Not even a headache could kill this mood ^^ Inspired by the nails in the Capitol Couture gif on their page. Totally gonna rock them this weekend!

In a galaxy far, far away

After a good week of anticipation finally my nail sets arrived! Bless eBay and it’s various sellers where I found these and I’m grateful to my friend in the UK who forwarded them to me. I had so much fun with these already, my first creation is the infamous galaxy nail art that I found online, ¬†especially the one done by cutepolish ( that is one talented lady, I’m telling you!)

It took no time at all and I’m so pleased with the results. I will donate this pair to a friend of mine but I’m pretty sure she will get asked about them so will make more in the weeks to come.